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2 Responses to Horticulture

  1. Michelle Moore says:

    This year I started gardening (edibles) again for the first time in 18 years. I was surprised to find the pests in abundance that I had never had to deal with in years past. The biggest problem I had in years past was getting rid of all the food. This year, I encountered the squash vine borer for the first time. They first appeared in late May and were gone by mid July. By then, I had no squash plants left, despite picking eggs & manual removal of those nasty larva. This fall I decided to try it again since I read squash vine borers are a June-July pest. Today, I found that all 4 of my squash plants were infested with the little boogers! It also appeared to be a couple of eggs on my cucumber (Bush Champion) plant, happily, I didn’t see any frass or sign of boring. Are there “seasons” for these moths or are they a year round pest for us here? I live in Magnolia, Montgomery County, Texas. If there are seasons, when are they? This summer, the moths seemed to leave my cucumbers alone, but they were not bush type. Are they more susceptible to squash vine borer? What is the best approach to deal with these pests? Can they be stopped before the damage? I applied cold pressed neem oil today after digging out 12 larva & picking off numerous eggs.

    • april.fagan says:


      Thank you for contacting us. I passed your message along to our Master Gardener volunteers to email you directly. If you still need assistance, please call us at 936-539-7824.

      Thank You,


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