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Soil & Forage Campaign – Samples due by December 14, 2018

The latter part of this summer has been interesting in terms of forage production, to say the least.  With constant rainfall, we all fell victim to not being able to get hay cut and harvested that we needed to supply us through the winter.  Forage that was put up may have sat in the field for quite some time before the window of opportunity presented itself or the race was on to get it dried down enough to put up and still might have been rolled with a less than desirable moisture content.

For all of these reasons, it may be a good idea to get an analysis of the forage that you do have stockpiled.  Going into the winter and knowing what you have to support your livestock will tell you if you will need any further supplementation.  The Montgomery County Extension Office and your local Soil & Water Conservation Board would like to assist with this for our producers.  We will be collecting forage samples and sending them to Texas A&M University for testing, at no cost to you.  Upon return of those results, our hope is that you are better aware of what you have to support your livestock this winter.

We will also hold a soil test campaign alongside this forage test.  Knowledge of where your soil is, in terms of fertility is important, regardless of the growing season.

Forage samples should be submitted in a paper sack.  Soil sample bags can be picked up from the Extension Office.  Samples and corresponding forms need to be dropped off to the Extension Office by December 14th.  For questions, or to obtain a sample form, please contact the Extension Office at 936-539-7822 or


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